Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tired but Loved!

Wow I think I could use a permanent nap! With everything from the kids, to the yard, to the house cleaning, I am one pooped mama. I can't sit still really in the beginnings of summer. I love to be outside and either gardening or  relaxing. The kids had fun just the other day. Our cat Applejack just became mama to three kitties right under our deck. They had the full experience of where do babies come from. Needless to say we are the proud owners of Marmalade, Cinnamon stick (this one was Weston's name) and Smokey. It is fun to see the kids go out and take good care of the mama.... since how before Brendan would purposely try to scare the thing. He is very gentle with these and it's fun. Even Taylee likes to plop on the deck to check out what is going on. Malaree is about done with the 1st grade. She has done very well with her school work this year and loves to read. I wish I could get her that enthused about chores. :) She will be getting her award soon for 1st place in the science fair for her grade. Her dad and I are very proud of her. Brendan, he is the one I have to get after. We did find out that he has  Mrs. Allen for Kindergarten next year and that he will be in the afternoon....Yay cuz he doesn't do mornings! I do love the kid and his way of tying things up. He is smart just if he would listen and comprehend things a little better. My little miss Taylee bug, I have to say she is no way anything like Malaree was. Malaree could be entertained for hours by herself. Not with Taylee. I feel her tug on my pants quite often wanting up. She can put up a fight though. Little stinker knows how to work the ropes at this household. James is busy lately going on a lot of trips with steeples. He works hard for our family and I love him for that. When he is home he is a great dad to our kids and they love to spend time with him. I love all my family! They are what holds "me" together.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Loving the Spring

Well I guess I better update a little bit. Congrats to my Nephew Colten and my new Niece Sharlee on getting married. So excited for them. After their wedding things here slowed down a bit. I love how the tulips are starting to come up and the buds are starting to form on all the trees. I love to be outside.. who doesn't. Work has been good. The past Fridays have been busy and it makes the day go that much faster. I found one of my roommates I haven't seen for 16+ years. She called me and it was good to catch up on our college days. This week is Easter and is one of my favorite holidays. We will be taking the kids to the Easter egg hunt and then we are taking them to the Baby Animal Days over in Logan. My roomie, who I just mentioned, will have her baby bear cubs there. So excited to see her after all this time. Tomorrow my Brendan will be going on a trip with his dad. They are heading to Oregon. He is so excited to go with him. Malaree and I can have some time together doing what we want with no boys. YAY!  Well that about catches things up . This is more or less an easier way for me to journal my stuff, so till next time.

Friday, February 17, 2012


I Had pictures taken before Christmas with good intentions to have them framed and hung up in the house. Well February is now half over and here sits the pictures not developed once again. I think I am the mother of the year. I love my kids and the adventures we go on every day. I can't say that every day is just picture perfect but it is what it is. It is hard to believe that my  Brendan will soon be getting ready for Kindergarten, Malaree will be baptized, and my Taylee well she is finally mobile and doesn't want anyone getting in her way. They grow up way too fast. I love them to pieces and hopefully they realize this.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Another day come and gone. This week has been a roller coaster of emotions for me. I am having a hard time forgiving and forgetting. I have been taught these two principles but it is something that is going to take time for me. I wish people realized that sometimes you need to be careful with what you do and say... that when someone is at the lowest point in their life you don't kick them and keep kicking them. It hurts. I have always tried to be a peacemaker. I hate conflict and always have.  It's going to take time for me to heal and eventually forgive.  I love you Geneice! You have always been there for me and always will. Hang in there and smile always!  Tomorrow's gotta be better!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Wow! Where did my January go to? Already the dreaded holiday is coming up. I guess it is better to get it over with and move on right?  I have reflected a lot lately on family. I am so glad I was raised up knowing I am loved. My parents didn't have to give me everything to show me they loved me. Instead they did things with me to show their love. I enjoyed all the camping trips and the reunions, being with cousins and other relatives. I have had a wonderful life thus far and continue to be grateful for life. I love my kids and watching them all grow in their own ways. Each of them having their own talents and interests. I love my husband for the things he does with the kids to teach them. All in all I am grateful for everything I have. I just need to thank my Heavenly Father more for it.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Me again

Been a long time since I got on here and look....2012. Where did the year go?  Lots has happened since I last was on here. My Taylee Ann turned one year old and now is starting to talk and walk and be sooo much fun. Malaree turned 7 and we had a big birthday party for her. Aunt Neicy surprised her with getting her ears pierced. Holdiday came and went with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and of course Christmas. I must have blinked because they all went by so fast don't know if I really got to enjoy them. Now it is 2012 and I have a lot of things on my list of  "want to do's". 1- I want to go to the temple more, 2- I want to read all the way through the book of mormon ( I will do this) 3- Less profanity... yes I have a mouth on me and I know it gets out of hand. I have done pretty good so far with this. 4- Play with my kids a little more and just have fun. 5-Go on a date with my hubby once a month at least. (This is a must) everything else can just run its course like normal.  Grateful for my calling in church. I am activity day leader for the 8-9 year old girls. They make me smile and are really fun. We learn together. I love my family especially my husband and everything he does for me and my family. Looking forward to a good and happy year. Hope everyone else has a great one as well.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


The old Fielding School no longer there.
So we started school here on Monday. Malaree is now officially a first grader. It was a jolt to her system to be up and at em at 6:30. All Fielding walkers now have to be bussed down to the old Garland School.  We have had nothing but chaos with that whole situation. Hopefully things will get better. I finally got smart and I send her to school with Geneice and Jed, then she rides home on the bus. As for me here well I thought things would be a little more calmer .... it is in a way but I think Taylee misses her sister during the day. Brendan is better by far when Malaree is at school.  I am still gardening and reaping the harvest. We are so blessed to have a garden and the means to take care of it. It being Sept today I absolutely LOVE FALL. It is beautiful and I love the cool in the air at night.